Birria is a traditional Mexican dish that was born in the state of Jalisco. Let’s see how much the beef birria has evolved since its creation.

Everything you need to know about birria de carne or Mexican stew

Birrias mexicaine

The birria de carne is a typical dish from the Jalisco gastronomy that was originally prepared only with goat meat. The way it is prepared is quite unique and the best part is that it is a very versatile dish, since you can eat it alone, in a stew or in tacos, what more could you ask for? Visiting Guadalajara is synonymous with eating delicious food and this dish is proof of that, as it is the most sold street food in this place. However, you can find Mexican birria in many parts of the country. It is part of the delicious list of typical Mexican dishes that you can put in a taco and enjoy at any time. If you are a Mexican food lover like me, you will love to know the origin of birria.


Origin of the birria in Jalisco

There are two versions of the origin of the birria de chivo, but what we can be sure of is that it is a mixture of flavors and cultures that came about thanks to the diversity that settled in the country during the colonial era. It was in the city of Cocula, located southwest of Guadalajara, that the Birria made of goat meat was born. At the time of the conquest, several new dishes and preparation methods appeared, marking a before and after in the history of Mexican gastronomy. Birria is the result of the massive breeding of goats, better known in Mexico as chivos. The story goes that the goats were causing havoc on the land and crops, so the Spaniards decided to give them to the natives and the latter, being very intelligent, created dishes of shredded meat with a rich aroma and flavor. Another version says that it was Mrs. Felícitas de Romero y Orendain who, between 1818 and 1828, published a compilation of Mexican recipes of mestizo origin and that there was this exquisite recipe. Today, the birria is prepared almost everywhere in the country, especially in holidays where the food is the main attraction to celebrate.

The characteristic earth oven

The Indians have always been very ingenious in cooking, so one of their methods of slow cooking was the earth oven. What they did was to make a hole with stones in the bottom previously heated, on the stones they placed a clay bowl, covered it with maguey leaves and right on top they placed the goat meat, then they covered the bowl and covered it with earth for up to five hours.

How is the birria?

Although the original recipe is made with goat meat, the evolution of this recipe has given us more options and it is also possible to make it with chicken, pork or beef, and there are even places that prepare the birria with a combination of different cuts and types of meat. Traditionally, it is served with onion, parsley, lemon and corn tortillas, but in many restaurants they give it a different touch and serve it with avocado, refried beans or other accompaniments. It can be eaten alone, in a stew or you can drain the sauce and put it inside a tortilla to make a taco, whatever way you prefer to eat it is valid, but don’t forget the spicy sauce! They are prepared with a sauce made of spices such as pepper, garlic, ginger, thyme, oregano, sesame, tomato, cloves and cumin. There is also a chili paste composed of ancho chili, guajillo chili, cascabel chili and vinegar.

Where to eat the best Birria in Mexico?

In case you didn’t know, in Mexico, birria is not only a typical Jalisco dish, but it is also known to be the cure for cruda, that is, hangover after a night of partying and drinking, what do you think? So, if you’re looking for a place to eat a good birria de carne and cure that hangover that won’t let you go, here are some of the best places to visit: Michoacanisimo, located in Mexico City. Birria del Güero, located in the city of Lopez Mateos. La Perla Tapatía Birriería, located in Mexico City. La Polar, located in Mexico City. Birriería “El Chololo”, located in Tlaquepaque. Now that you know everything about birria de carne, what are you waiting for to go out and enjoy a delicious dish?

Now that you know everything about birria de carne, what are you waiting for to go out and enjoy a delicious dish?

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