If you are passionate about traveling and are surely always in search of the most impressive landscapes in the world, the Chiapas waterfalls are for you. That’s why this time we offer you this little travel guide to Mexico by introducing you to the most incredible Chiapas waterfalls that you should visit during your trip to Mexico.

Our guide to the Chiapas waterfalls that are not to be missed

Vue sur les cascades de Las Golondrinas

The Chiapas waterfalls are known worldwide for their beauty and the crystal clear waters of multiple colors that turn out to be a colorful spectacle. Our houses in Chiapas are perfectly located to allow you to visit these wonders of Chiapas and then find yourself, in a quiet place, in one of our vacation rentals in Ocosingo for example or in our AirBnB in Tuxtla Gutierrez.


Interactive map of the Chiapas waterfalls

Above is a map of the best waterfalls in Chiapas. Click on the top left of the map to find more information on each site. Enjoy reading!

Waterfalls of El Chiflón and Velo de novia 

It is a unique set of Chiapas waterfalls formed in the bed of the San Vicente River. Along the river you will find natural pools of intense turquoise blue. In addition to these waterfalls and pools, the area has extensive vegetation that forms a curtain of trees creating beautiful landscapes that can be seen during the time of the visit.

Small bonus: You can visit all the Chiapas waterfalls of El Chiflón and Velo de novia during the day and spend the night in chalets at the bottom of the waterfalls.

Agua Azul Waterfalls 

The waterfalls of Agua Azul are formed by a set of rapids and pools characterized by an intense turquoise blue color. These waters have this beautiful blue colour because of the carbonate salts that are dissolved in them. The vegetation is of mountain jungle type, exuberant in some parts that cover the river.

The Chiapas waterfalls of Agua Azul have been considered a Biosphere Nature Reserve since 1980, and are formed by the tributaries of the Otulún, Shumuljá and Tulijá rivers forming shallow canyons with vertical cliffs.

Misol Há Waterfall

The Misol-Há waterfall in Chiapas is a heavenly tourist destination located 20 kilometers from Ocosingo.

The name of this waterfall in Chiapas comes from the word chol which means “falling water”. The main attraction of the place is a waterfall of 40 meters high and 10 meters wide, which falls into a pool of about 25 meters deep and 15 meters in diameter where it is possible to swim. 

  • We recommend a visit to this waterfall in our tour recommendation : 12 days in Chiapas

El Corralito Waterfall

You can see this Chiapas waterfall from the road, it is not very big but it is very beautiful. It’s a beautiful place, perfect to disconnect as a family from the boring urban landscape and breathe fresh air.

Las Nubes Waterfalls

The name of the Las Nubes waterfalls (The Clouds) comes from the breeze of the number of waterfalls

It is located on the borders of the Lacandon Jungle and the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve. It is a beautiful paradisiacal place, ideal to be in contact with nature and to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere.

  • Be careful, the place is difficult to reach without a car, and the road is winding. Do not hesitate to consult our guide on driving in Chiapas to prepare your trip. 

El Chorreadero Waterfall

At a height of 25 m, the El Chorreadero waterfall in Chiapas creates a series of natural pools framed by lush jungle vegetation.

It marks the end of an underground river, which can be crossed during an exciting tour organized by a tour guide.

Roberto Barrios Waterfalls

Roberto Barrios’ waterfalls are located in an almost unknown ejido in the municipality of Palenque, which holds among its secrets one of the most beautiful Chiapas waterfalls. It is a set of waterfalls, one after the other, set in the middle of the majestic jungle of Chiapas. The waters form cool, crystalline pools and some of them are shallow, which is ideal for children and people who can’t swim.

In the vicinity of the waterfalls, there are trails to walk around and admire the flora and fauna of the area. Holy Week is the ideal time to venture into these waterfalls in Chiapas, as the low water season allows you to appreciate the turquoise and emerald green color of the natural pools in all their beauty.

Welib Ja Waterfalls

The Welib-Ja waterfalls are a good destination to enjoy nature, you can walk on footpaths to the riverside, observing a very interesting flora and fauna that will surprise you.

It is located on the southern border road, 29 km from Palenque. The route is well indicated from the road. These Chiapas waterfalls are turquoise blue waterfalls that form delicious pools for bathing and swimming.

The vegetation is made up of forest species including guaciban, guayacán, macoyo, pashtillo, capulín, coralillo, mahogany, cedar, ceiba, rubber and jimba.

Wildlife includes boas, corals, iguanas, turtles, armadillos, raccoons, bats, badgers, monkeys and crayfish. In the area there is a parador with cabins, a campground, a restaurant and hammock rental.

Busil-Há Waterfalls

The Usumacinta River crosses with the Busil-Há River and forms beautiful Chiapas waterfalls called Busil-Há. It is the ideal place to camp during visits to Yaxchilan, Cayo and Piedras Negras. The Busil-Há River originates at the confluence of the Lacantún River – which comes from the southern part of the Lacandon Jungle – with the Pasión and Salinas Rivers – which originate in the northwestern region of Guatemala. Its course extends a little over 80 km from the Lacandon Plateau.

El Aguacero Waterfall

The waterfall in Chiapas de El Aguacero takes its name from the enormous waterfall that is fed by a river that flows over rocks below forming a spectacle similar to a small storm.

It is also an ecotourism centre where you can settle down and spend a day (or a week) enjoying water activities such as rafting.

Motiepa Waterfalls

The small Chiapas waterfalls of Motiepa are a pleasant place to cool off after the heat and humidity of the archaeological area of Palenque. There is even a small natural swimming pool where you can swim.

The vegetation is very beautiful, but there are mosquitoes so take a repellent, towel and a change of clothes. ( there are no toilets and no place to change! ). 

If what you want is to enjoy nature, this little place is the place for you.

Casa de las Golondrinas Waterfall / Yatoch Kusam

The “Casa de la Golondrinas” is located near the village of Lacanjá-Chansayab, Chiapas, along the southern border road.

There are several campsites in the area and to reach the waterfall you have to walk about 5 km, including the return trip.

The waters form delicious pools of crystal-clear water. Half a kilometre away are the ruins of the Mayan town of Lacanjá, with its buildings eaten away by the greedy jungle vegetation.

Tip: the community “Jaguar Ojo Anado” can guide you to nearby Bonampak.

Sombrillas Waterfalls / Red Queen’s Bath

A beautiful waterfall located on a footpath in the ruins of Palenque. These Chiapas waterfalls are majestic and have several levels and are located in the middle of the jungle, on a small and unknown path, usually empty of visitors.  Follow this path to the museum and you won’t regret it!

Las Golondrinas Waterfalls / Ch’en Ulich

The waterfalls of Las Golondrinas are composed of a majestic white curtain that descends through enormous rocky structures surrounded by abundant vegetation consisting of cedar, oak, mahogany, ceibas, rubber trees and other jungle species.

The name associated with the swallows is due to the fact that thousands of these birds nest in the interior caves and rocky structures that form the river.

The current is held in natural pools where it is pleasant to bathe with bird songs and the sounds of the saraguato monkeys as a musical background.

It is located near the community of Nueva Palestina, in the municipality of Ocosingo, Chiapas, along the southern border road. Not far from the waterfall is the Ch’en Ulich.e Ecotourism Center.

Waterfalls of the 3 Tzimoleras

Among the waterfalls in Chiapas, these are among the least explored. There are three beautiful waterfalls formed by the San Vicente River, located about 11 km from the town of Tzimol, capital of the Chiapas municipality of the same name.

 The area is private and you will have to go through the official agency of the same name to explore the waterfalls with them. Starting from the town of Tzimol, you climb in a 4×4, you arrive in a beautiful place protected and maintained by these really top-notch guides! The circuit is an adventure of climbing and jumping over rocks, until the last waterfall. These Chiapas waterfalls form natural freshwater pools in a green setting. These Chiapas waterfalls can be reached by walking against the current, over the roots of enormous ahuehuetes, along a path covered on its sides with mosses and ferns that invite you to slide down, so walk with caution.

  • Book your visit to these  Chiapas waterfalls with the 3 Tzimoleras agency.

La Asunción Waterfall / Bajlum Pakal

The waterfalls of La Asunción will provide you with excellent physical exercise when you go there, as it is a long walk to reach this waterfall in Chiapas . It is located in the ejido La Asunción, in the municipality of Palenque. The route to admire it allows you to practice hiking and nature observation. Ejidatarios (local guides) are in charge of taking visitors to the foot of the waterfall.

Very few visitors reach them, as it is necessary to walk for an hour along a path in the forest – which is very narrow in some places, so the guide has to make room with a machete -, walk along a river and swim in an emerald-coloured pool to finally reach them. You will live an adventure just to find this Chiapas waterfall very difficult to access. During the trip, the guides identify with you the main plants that are seen and comment on their medicinal uses.

The majestic waterfall forms pools with deep, swirling areas, so you must be careful! La Asunción / Bajlum Pakal waterfall is a waterfall over 30 meters high and after the fall it enters a cave and comes out later, creating strong turbulence, so you have to be careful when swimming.

Tips: The waterfall is located near the community of Asunción, about 8 km from the exit to the ejido Nueva Betania in the municipality of Palenque, Chiapas. The exit is near the Valle Escondido hotel and restaurant, a semi-covered jungle establishment.

Maíz Blanco Waterfall / El Chorro

Maíz Blanco is a small town in the municipality of Motozintla, in the south of the state of Chiapas. The municipal capital of Motozintla is located 236 km south of San Cristobal de las Casas and 145 km from Comitan de Dominguez.

The Cascade de Maíz Blanco is an impressive waterfall about 300 meters high, which is little known because of its difficult access, despite its breathtaking beauty.

Tulijá Waterfalls

San Jerónimo is a community with places of impressive natural beauty that invite you to contemplate tirelessly while listening to the relaxing singing of the water. The Tulijá waterfalls at CHiapasse are only 200 meters from the main square. To reach them, you have to cross a small lagoon that serves as a meeting point for the locals.

Where to swim in Chiapas?

Most of the waterfalls in Chiapas form natural pools suitable for swimming, taking the necessary precautions at each site. Chiapas also has lagoons and beaches for swimming and sunbathing, allowing you to spend a few days of delicious rest in a calm environment.

  • Find our selection of paradisiacal beaches of the Costa Chiapaneca here

Puerto Arista

It is a coastal town in Chiapas located in the municipality of Tonala, in the Gulf of Tehuantepec. It has a simple accommodation infrastructure and its large wave beach is particularly attractive to surfers.

Lagunas de Montebello

It is a spectacular system of more than 50 lakes and lagoons that are distinguished by the colour of their waters. In these lagoons, there is a large amount of eoctopic entertainment available, including log rafts.

Agua Clara

It is a town located in the municipality of Salto de Agua, Chiapas. In the Shumulhá River you can swim and kayak, and near its banks there are trails for walking, horseback riding and mountain biking.

Lagos de Colón

These lakes, formed by a river current coming from Guatemala, are a splendid natural spa in Chiapas. The current splits into several arms as it enters the Chiapas mountains, forming transparent and coloured bodies of water. The natural pools are connected by canals that form small waterfalls, creating a dreamlike atmosphere.

Playa Linda

It is an exotic beach of golden sand, gentle breezes and strong waves, located 30 minutes from Tapachula and a quarter of an hour from Puerto Chiapas. There are rustic accommodations at the most affordable prices, as well as camping areas.

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