The Maya are an extraordinary community that have lived on the current Mexican territory for hundreds of years. In spite of the wind of modernity in Mexico, the Maya have been keen to keep their cultural identity and the authenticity of their customs. When you visit one of the Mayan villages in Chiapas, you will be amazed by the incredible cultural richness of these communities.

Immersion in the Mayan villages of Chiapas

Une femme maya tzotzil sur le marché du village de Chamula

But still, should you know which Mayan villages to visit during your stay in Chiapas? In which regions of Chiapas could you learn more about the Mayans? This immersion in the Mayan villages of Chiapas tells you absolutely everything!


Discover the Tzotzil communities in the Mayan village of San Juan Chamula.

The first Mayan village in Chiapas that is definitely worth a visit is San Juan Chamula. This village, located near the peaceful and sublime city of San Cristobal, is the den of the Tzotzile people. Exceptional communities, the Tzotziles stand out for their cultural authenticity. The Tzotziles proudly display the richness of their culture and traditions. You can find out for yourself by visiting the famous Sunday market.

This shimmering and colourful market allows you to admire the beautiful traditional woollen clothes of the Tzotziles. Do not hesitate to buy items as a souvenir of your beautiful meeting with the warm inhabitants of this Mayan village. But, the market of Juan Chamula is not the only attraction of the place. In fact, the church of this Mayan village is a monument whose fame goes beyond the Zapatista territory. This religious building with colonial architecture transports you to the heart of the Mayan beliefs and rituals of the Tzotzile people. 

This church is characterized by the absence of pews. The natives kneel on the ground to make their devotions. Visitors can access the interior of the temple. The dark decoration of the church emanates from the smoke of the copal. Candles of different sizes (each representing an invocation) still light the interior.

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Immerse yourself in the beautiful Mayan village of Zinacantan.

Zinacantan is also a charming Mayan village to include in the list of places to visit during your stay in Chiapas. This Mayan pueblo of Chiapas attracts and intoxicates with its bright and colorful fabrics. Many travelers stop there to contemplate the quality and beauty of the locally produced fabrics.

This may be an opportunity to grasp the techniques for making authentic Chiapas tablecloths, sheets, blankets and other Chiapas fabrics. In addition to textiles, staying in the Mayan village of Zinacantan allows you to revel in the flavors of the local gastronomy. A trip that will be far from being unpleasant for your taste buds! Moreover, the very friendly people of Zinacantan will open their doors to you with a smooth homemade tortilla. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn new recipes of Mexican cuisine that will allow you to impress your loved ones.

A few tips to know before going to the Mayan villages of Chiapas

In all the Mayan villages you will visit, it is recommended to be very respectful of the customs and beliefs of the local people. Furthermore, it would be frowned upon if you took pictures of places of worship but also of the natives. Photography is considered theft or loss of soul. Therefore, it is suggested that you store the cameras throughout your stay. Finally, if possible, try to wear sober and discreet clothes.

That’s it, you’re ready for an explosive immersion in the sumptuous Mayan villages of Chiapas!

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