Travelling with children is not easy because they are the most demanding and select tourists: they know what they like and what they don’t like. Chiapas is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations for both nationals and foreigners. This is due to the wide variety of activities and places that the state offers to travelers. Its options cover all audiences, from the largest to the smallest, and this is what we will focus on in this article: What to do with children in Chiapas. We are convinced that Chiapas is one of the most suitable places in Mexico for a family vacation.

Travelling to Chiapas with your children: The best places to visit

Enfants avec un petit singe au Chiapas

For the curious, the restless and the adventurous, Chiapas is an ideal destination, which becomes a gigantic playground where surprises are waiting around the corner.

Travelling with children always involves thinking of them first, due to various factors such as their physical abilities and their ability to get bored in certain places. That’s why we have grouped the main activities together to have a good time with the little ones at home. The whole family will find in this wonderful state an option adapted to their tastes.


Trip to Chiapas for the most curious children

Chiapas Museum of Science and Technology

In Chiapas, entertainment and knowledge go hand in hand. At the Chiapas Museum of Science and Technology in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, children will find three rooms with amazing interactive exhibits that will guide the most curious through the history of the universe and the earth to human beings and technology. In addition, the MUCH houses temporary exhibits on various topics that will amaze you and your children on this trip to Chiapas.


Animal lovers will be overjoyed at the Miguel Álvarez del Toro Regional Zoo. This famous place is known as ZooMAT (or also “House of the Night” because it houses animals with nocturnal habits such as the fish bat). 

The other important characteristic of this place is that it is home to a wide variety of local Chiapas fauna such as the tapir, river otter, saraguato or howler monkeys, three species of crocodiles in the state. Enough to fill your children’s eyes with stars on this trip to Chiapas.

UMA El Caiman

The visit to the ZooMAT is complemented by a visit to WBU El Caiman. The Wildlife Management Units (UMA) are conservation centres where efforts are made to promote the reproduction of endangered species such as the river crocodile, spider monkey or ocelot. The public, composed mainly of children travelling in Chiapas, can come and admire, among other things, majestic specimens of caimans, crocodiles, turtles and iguanas.

Tuxtla Gutiérrez Planetarium

If you want to instill in your children on your trip to Chiapas the value of science and the beauty of the universe and its mysteries, you can’t fail to take them to the Observatory located in Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Here you will find exhibits that explain the origin of the universe and its great mysteries in a didactic way.

In addition, there is an area exclusively dedicated to very young children where they can take part in recreational activities such as colouring drawings of the space, reading stories and much more.

The place is full of interactive models and audiovisual material with which your children will learn and have fun. You also can’t miss the exhibits at the planetarium, a huge vertical dome where educational documentaries are projected with impressive sound and in an unusual format that your children will enjoy while traveling in Chiapas.

Water and Children’s Museum of Tuxtla Gutiérrez

Located east of the state capital, you’ll find the perfect place to spend time with your children during your trip to Chiapas. This is the Children’s Museum of Tuxtla Gutiérrez, a museum designed exclusively for the youngest ones.

The Children’s Museum is one of the last museums to be opened in the capital. It is a joint effort entirely focused on the entertainment and education of the state’s children, as well as children traveling in Chiapas.

This place has a very singular infrastructure; you can explore the 16 themed rooms, dining rooms, exhibitions and actively participate in the workshops and courses that are constantly given in this unique museum in southeastern Mexico.

Trip to Chiapas for the most athletic children…

The state of Chiapas welcomes them with a wide variety of options for children traveling to Chiapas who have energy to spare.

Los Aluxes Eco-Park

One of the best places to entertain your children while traveling in Chiapas is the Ecoparc des Aluxes in Palenque. Kids will love it! 

The reason this park is called this is because, according to Mayan legend, the Aluxes are magical beings in human form, barely two inches tall. They are created by Mayan priests from mud and animal parts. They are joyful little elves who are always young and can only be seen through the innocent eyes of children and the wise eyes of old people. 

Children who accept the challenge to go in search of these playful beings will also find an abundance of flora and fauna thanks to their day and night visits where you can observe the animals in their natural environment.

Chiflón Waterfalls

Another interesting option is the ecotourism park of Chiflón, whose landscape is capable of surprising everyone. The protagonists of the park are the imposing waterfalls that give life to the San Vicente River and create magnificent natural pools. “El Suspiro”, “Alas de Angeles”, “Arco Iris”, “Quinceañera” and the mighty “Velo de Novia” await the children on a trip to Chiapas who will dare to face the grandeur of nature.

Convivencia Infantil Leisure Centre

If we had to highlight one of the best places designed for children, the Convivencia Infantil leisure centre is undoubtedly a point of reference. This small park is full of activities where children on a trip to Chiapas can expend their energy.

The Convivencia Infantil Recreation Center is located in the state capital: Tuxtla Gutiérrez. The place is characterized by its facilities and abundant vegetation that provides a cool atmosphere most of the day.

Among all the activities you can do with the children, there are mechanical games, horseback riding, zip lines, in addition to exploring the park which is full of sculptures and even a plane, all designed to entertain and amuse children on a trip to Chiapas.

Caves of Rancho Nuevo

If your children are the type to have energy to spare, then this outdoor space will make them incredibly happy. The caves of Rancho Nuevo offer a wide range of activities in which children on a trip to Chiapas can spend their energy in a safe, fun and entertaining way.

On site, children can run and participate in a variety of outdoor activities such as soccer, volleyball, running and even choose to camp, horseback ride or explore the local caves.

There is also a zip line, animals in their natural habitat and, of course, snacks of all kinds so that they can recharge their energy to continue enjoying their day in this cool place.

For this and much more, Chiapas is the ideal place to enjoy a family vacation where everyone will live an extraordinary adventure that they will want to relive.

Precautions to take

The precautions you should take with children on vacation in Chiapas are the same as those you should take with adults. In fact, adults sometimes tend to take more risks than children by doing things that local laws prohibit in some places, such as taking pictures in San Juan Chamula, which is punishable by a prison sentence.

In the jungle, you have to be very careful never to leave the marked paths for any reason. Once, in a group with us were on the road, a traveller wanted to hide to do his business and when he went off the road, he found himself in front of a spider’s web the size of a sheet, with a “little spider” whose belly was the diameter of a CD and whose legs measured the same as the car’s windscreen wipers. The spider didn’t do anything to him because the traveller stopped in time, but he almost died of fright.

Jungle animals are in their habitat and do not usually attack people, but it is very important that people stay on human territory and do not invade the territory of jungle species.

To visit some of the natural attractions in Chiapas, it is necessary to rent a tour from a local agency, so that you are guided by a local person who knows the dialects spoken, the uses and customs that govern them, the day and night habits of the animals, the state of the roads, the periods of heavy rain that prevent movement on the roads, and the emergency measures to be implemented for any unforeseen event.

Where to stay during a holiday to Chiapas?

Visiting the Palenque, the Misol-Ha waterfalls or the Agua Azul ones… there is no lack of good plans once you arrive at your destination in Chiapas. But whether you travel with your partner, a group of friends or your family, the accommodation you choose will determine the quality of your trip. In addition to the reference site cozycozy, here are some ideas for finding the best vacation rentals in Chiapas.

  • Use vacation rental websites: in this very popular place for relaxation breaks, specialized websites are still the best way to find an apartment, cottage or a furnished accommodation;
  • Start searching with the keyword: the best vacation rentals in Chiapas. Don’t hesitate to refine your results even more by including the dates of your visit, the region, the city or even the name of a specific hotel, if applicable;
  • If you particularly appreciate vacation rentals rather than hotels, refer to the best Airbnb rentals in Chiapas in your search. This way, you’ll have access to a plethora of offers ranging from studios, to apartments in traditional or enigmatic areas of the city.

To find the perfect place, don’t forget to compare prices offered by vacation rental professionals. It will help you refine your budget according to the proposed rates. 

Do you have questions about visiting certain places with your children? Are you planning a trip? Send me a message via the WhatsApp button on your right!

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