The 4th of July, also known as the Independence Day of the United States of America, is a historic day for the country as it is the day to commemorate the freedom that 13 British colonies gained in 1776 that started the USA. As some of us begin to prepare for the celebrations, there are others who may just want to watch the national holiday on TV, but there are those who would want to travel around America to celebrate this momentous occasion. There may be festivities, including beer, parties, barbecues, and big gatherings, watching fireworks light up the sky.

Best Cities to Celebrate 4th of July

If you want to travel around America to celebrate this holiday, pay attention as we’ve compiled a list of viable cities you can visit to make the most out of your 4th of July celebration.


Washington, DC

The main event in Washington involves the annual parade of marching bands, military tanks, and floats from across the USA through Constitution Avenue. The country’s best Broadway, R&B, and pop singers would perform live as an annual event in the Capitol Fourth Concert at the West Lawn of the US Capitol. 

Annual fireworks at the National Mall can be seen and should not be missed as it is the memorial home of Martin Luther King, Thomas Jefferson, and Franklin Roosevelt, including veterans and victims of World War II. From both sides, you’ll also be able to glimpse the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool. 

Seattle, WA

Despite the fact that it often rains in Seattle, its summertime can be quite pleasant because when the sun shines, it really does invoke a relaxing atmosphere. So much can be done in Seattle as you can partake in the festivities during the Independence Day celebrations. Seattle is also a good place to celebrate Earth Day as a tribute to our defense to protecting the Earth from climate change.

Los Angeles, California

Pyrotechnics is the specialty of Los Angeles, and they really know how to throw one big flashy party as Hollywood Bowl hosts extravagantly displayed annual concerts and festivities, similar to the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena. Fortunately, this can be seen from the Colorado Street Bridge for free, so you don’t have to worry. As you can watch the fireworks at Queensway Bay from the waterfront of Long Beach, LA is among the best cities that celebrate July 4th and is truly a testament to how momentous and memorable this day was for the American people.

You can also watch the fireworks in Marina del Rey from Fisherman’s Village, Burton Chace Park, or Marina Beach, so you can see the splash of beauty and explosive creativity these fireworks offer. If you’re looking for some film screenings, look no further than Hollywood Forever Cemetery as they combine that with fireworks. Meanwhile, an afternoon concert usually takes place at Sunset Boulevard followed by some fireworks. 

In 2021, it has been known that WWII fighter planes do a fly-past in the afternoon, which marks the start of the parades of marching bands and baton twirlers along the boulevard. 

Houston, Texas

Annually, you can see numerous festivities in Houston, Texas, especially when the Red, Hot & Blue Festival brings food stalls along the streets, with live bands and kid-friendly activities to The Woodlands’ neighborhood. Meanwhile, you can find a host of fireworks, singers, and food vendors at Centennial Park. 

An annual parade of performers, military vehicles, and floats can also be found at Galveston Island, just on the outskirts of the city. As such, you don’t want to miss the fireworks at Lake Woodlands, which you can have a glimpse of from Rob Fleming Park, Waterway Avenue, Waterway Square District, Town Green Park, and Northshore Park. 

Chicago, Illinois

Known for its Independence Day celebratory festivities and fireworks, Navy Pier on Lake Michigan is among the best shows and festivals that you can partake in pre-Independence Day, usually on the 2nd of July. 

Every year, the Downers Grove parade can also be seen taking place, at 10 am from Main Street up until Warren Street, with patriots celebrating the big day through an annual concert that takes place at Grant Park. Accompanying them is the Grant Park orchestra with musical tunes that set the tone of the festivities. 

If you want to experience the best African and Caribbean performances, music, and cuisine, you should go to the International Festival of Life at Washington Park for a more culturally rich experience. 

New York, New York

With around 65,000 pyrotechnics, the annual Independence Day fireworks show on New York’s East River is among the biggest known in the country as it is accompanied by Broadway tunes and performances of top stars. If you want one of the best places to view the display, you can go to the One World Observatory, which is a viewing platform in One World Trade Center. 

Also known for its annual Hot Dog Eating Contest, Coney Island features a host of fireworks each year too, with the competition usually taking place outside Nathan’s restaurant. There’s so much to be had in New York as it is among the best cities you can visit to celebrate Independence Day.

Wherever you might celebrate the 4th of July with family, friends, or colleagues, it is truly a day of wonder and festivities as you are celebrating the richness of American history to the fullest. However, these are the cities that celebrate the 4th of July in the USA that we recommend visiting. Remember, it’s not about the festivals, but the reason behind the festivities to why you are celebrating a memorable occasion.

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